Choosing the Right Course

In Martial House, our trainings focus mainly on “taolu”, otherwise known as routines. The routines are classified into two broad categories, namely traditional and contemporary.

Martial House offers three distinct learning tracks. Each learning track is specially designed to cater to the different training purposes of our students.

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Belt Grading Track

Kungfu Tots Class

A basic Wushu programme for the young aged 4 to 6.

Here, both discipline and fun are strongly emphasised to further develop the toddlers' motivation and interest towards the learning of the Chinese martial arts.

Beginners Class

This programme is for students who are new to Wushu, where they learn about the fundamentals of Wushu from basic stances and kicks to basic movements and routines. These would help facilitate students’ advancement to the competitive or belt grading track in the future.

Intermediate/Advance Class

Under this programme, students will have a deeper understanding of the various traditional Wushu styles, weapons and routines as they progressively promote from Red-White to Black belt.

Competitive Track

Preparatory Class

A preparatory Wushu programme for students who are intending to opt for Wushu as their CCA. Training sessions under this programme focus on the building up of students' basic and foundation such as strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina, so that they are better prepared for the intensive CCA trainings in school.

Competitive Class
(Chang Quan)

Changquan, otherwise known as Long Fist, is a long-range fighting system, emphasising on fully extended kicks and striking techniques. It uses large, extended, circular movements and contains a good balance of hand and foot techniques. This style of Wushu is renowned for its impressive acrobatic kicks. Weapons under this particular style include broadsword, sword, cudgel and spear.

Competitive Class
(Nan Quan)

Also known as the Southern Fist, Nanquan features vigorous, athletic movements with very stable, low stances, extensive hand techniques and vocal articulations. Power, strength and speed are driven from sharp waist movements with special emphasis on fast stance transition.

Competitive Class
(Tai Ji Quan)

Famous for its slow and relaxed movements, Taijiquan involves difficult holds, balances, jumps and jump kicks which require good balance, flexibility and strength. Chen, Yang, Wu, Hu and Sun are some of the well-known styles of Taijiquan.

Leisure Track

Wushu Class

The classes under the Lifestyle Wushu programme focus on traditional Wushu where students will have an in-depth understanding of each specific style, such as Bajiquan.

Tai Ji Quan Class

At Martial House, the Yang style is the main form of Taijiquan that is taught. Students will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills of Taiji before advancing to learn its applications though Taiji Push Hands, which is also known as ”tuishou”.

Private Class

Private Class

Martial House offers private lessons to students. Coaches develop customised lesson plans for students in accordance to their personal needs and objectives. By having all the coaches' attention, students are able to learn and progress effectively at their own pace.

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