After 6 Years, Meridian Junior College is Champion Once Again…

MJC Champion

The following is a note by MJC Wushu teacher-in-charge, Ms Vina Ng:

“6 long years… This championship would not be possible with the effort of all the alumni, students & coaches for the past few years.

The other time we won the championship was in 2008. It was my first batch of students. I was told that it is relatively easy to maintain the achievements by others in the college. I was a noob (sad to say… yes). Had to learn from scratch. But I was blessed to have an excellent exco & coaches who guide me all the way.

As the years passed, I soon realise it wasn’t easy at all…

I still remember the days where we couldn’t use the Wushu carpet because it’s kept in some store room. We got chased out from the training area because some one else needed to use despite us booking it. And a student told me to speak to her teacher when I told her we booked it. I felt so useless as a teacher because I got no say…The times where the training area was flooded cos of heavy rain (no windows back then). We had to use the area outside the hall on the slippery area because we got nowhere to train. We had to use umbrellas as swords because it was the weekend and the weapons are locked up in the CCA room. The times where lights were off at 8pm sharp and we had an injured boy with us. Ya all the iphones were used to provide lightings for the paramedic to bandage him up. The faces and remarks we faced when we approach students for DSA trials. But the students & alumni never gave up. Even when we could not maintain the achievements. Batch after batch, the alumni showed concern for their juniors in so many different ways. Indeed we have come a long way to have 4 carpets now, fans & lightings switches that we can switch on and off whenever we like. Cupboards to store our weapons at the training area and not forgetting windows to keep the rain out. Students wondered why I kept sharing all these stories (nagging at times..), I want them to know that whatever they are enjoying now are the results of sheer hard work of their alumni. The alumni have no obligations to help out at all, they have their own lives to live, but they did. 饮水思源 & team spirit are values that seem to be lost in the world now and I hope you guys don’t lose these values. I’m proud to see you guys changing the jiti routine to accommodate your team mates. To support one and encourage another even when you know we are facing national team players. To have the courage to face your opponents and to congratulate them when they win. This is true sportsmanship.” The MJC Wushu Team is really blessed to have Ms Vina Ng as their teacher-in-charge and Martial House is really honoured to work with teachers like her. Let’s continue to work together to bring MJC Wushu to greater heights!

MJC Wushu Alumni

Congratulations Nigel & Neville!

BTP Champion

After 3 weeks of intensive voting, Martial House Stars, Nigel & Neville topped the popularity chart with more than 1,300 ‘likes’! They went on to impress the judges with their astonishing martial arts performance and crowned Champions for the Bukit Timah Plaza Talent Show 2014! Martial House Coach, Shun Long was also awarded the Third Prize!

BTP 3rd

Congratulations to the twins, Nigel & Neville, as well as Coach Shun Long on their achievements! Martial House is proud of you!

BTP Supporters

Also, a big thank you to all who ‘liked’ their performance videos and those who went to support them! Click here to watch the twins’ performance.

Meridian Junior College & Victoria School are Champions!

MJC Champion

This season of the National Primary and Secondary Schools Wushu Championships 2014 have officially concluded. Meridian Junior College and Victoria School have achieved the Overall ‘A’ Division Boys and ‘C’ Division Boys championship titles respectively!

VS Champion

Other than these two division titles, Meridian Junior College also attained Overall 2nd Runner-Up for ‘A’ Division Girls and Anderson Junior College attained Overall 3rd Runner-Up for both ‘A’ Division Boys & Girls.

AJC Girls

Congratulations to all student participants and a big thank you to all coaches, teachers, alumni, parents and supporters for your continuous support throughout this competition. Let’s continue to work hard to achieve better results next year!